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Boer Goats For Sale

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Check back periodically for updates to our Goats for Sale page in Iowa and the surrounding states of Missouri, Minnesota, Nebraska, Illinois, and Wisconsin.

JJ Boer Goats Born to Be Wild #10812231

Easy Handling Buck. Very Good Natured.


Massive Hip and Straight Top Line.

In all the years we have raised goats, we have never had an easier handling buck that passed on to his kids the traits we desired.  Rocky has done a tremendous job for us throwing does with the style and look desired in the junior show circuit.  Andrew went out with a bang two years ago with a doe that won his final county fair and qualified him for the regional showdown against some of the best competition in the country.  Macy Reynolds had a 2021 State Fair FFA class winning doe sired by Rocky and won her county fair to qualify the regional showdown where she won showmanship.

Rocky is an easy keeper, good natured and does bred to him have no trouble kidding.  All the does we have kept out of him and bred already have exhibited the same traits as well.

DOB: 12/18/2018
Sire: DBL-D C110 Catapult #10703676
Dam: GGF1 Rainbee - 777 #10502239

PRICE: $2,000


Does For Sale

Yearling Show Doe Options!
Here's your 4-H/FFA Show Doe!

SALE PENDING.   This pretty profiling doe is out of our best motherability line and has a terrific show look to boot.  Her dam, WGA Lulu Lemon, has kidded three times and produced 9 kids in just over three years of age!  I anticipate that 449 will work for the junior show ring and continue as a terrific brood doe like her dam and one sister that we have bred already.  

Can be registered through the ABGA.  Pick out your name and come pick her up!

DOB: 1/5/2022
Price: $700


Yearling Show Doe Options!

WGA Louise #10876630 (light head)

SOLD - WGA Remarkable #10876628 (dark head)

Here are #449's older sisters from Lulu's second kidding in 2021.  The does were part of a set of quads.  Sired by JJ Boer Goats Born to Be Wild.  

Both does are square made, level topped and well-muscled.  We can't decide which one we like better, so we will let you decide.  

The dam, WGA Lulu, is sired by Honey Hollow Geronimo and the dam is WGA Causing a Commotion.  Lulu's full sib and aunt to these does and 449 is WGA Juliet who racked up 49 show points during her brief time in the ring.  Juliet was also the 2020 IA State Fair FFA Breeding Doe Show Reserve Champion Yearling and then was the 2021 Senior Champion.

DOB: 05/01/2021
Price:  $800/doe

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