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Boer Goats For Sale

We have a number of brood does that we will be selling this summer and fall.  Ages range from 5.5 to 1.5 years of age.  We also have a number of winter 2018/19 born doelings sired by 3DLT Norman.  
More information or videos can be found on our Facebook page, Wylde Green Acres - Meat Goats https://www.facebook.com/pg/wgaboers/events/?ref=page_internal
Check back periodically for updates to our Goats for Sale page in Iowa and the surrounding states of Missouri, Minnesota, Nebraska, Illinois, and Wisconsin.

Bred Does For Sale - Due mid-September to mid-October

Bred in the Pasture to 3DLT Stormin' Norman


Staying on Pasture all Summer

We have been saying it for several years that it's time to down size.  Now we have actually followed through.  We love raising and showing goats; however just don't need as many as we have had in the past.  Our decision to down size creates great opportunities for others to diversify genetics for starting or expanding their own goat herd.  
We are offering 6 very nice quality bred brood does for sale.  The does were pasture bred by 3DLT Stormin' Norman back in April and May.  We pulled him out on May 19th.  Norman sired by Goose It goes back to Norman Kohls bloodlines on the dam side.  We have a very nice set of keeper doelings from the 2018/19 kidding.  Norman kids naturally produce a great coat of hair providing some of the characteristics that seem to be needed in the junior show ring.  We had purchased Norman from Decious' last summer.  Here is a link to a video of Norman.   3DLT Stormin' Norman http:///www.facebook.com/watch/?v=1011687698987741
Prices on the Does range from $700 to $1,000 bred.  Ultrasounded by Iowa State on 6/24/19.


COLA Catniss

Beautiful Brood Doe


49 Show Points

SOLD - COLA Catniss  C19 - #10638936 - DOB 12/31/13.  Catniss represents how someone should want every show doe to age.  At over 5 years of age, she is going strong.   We have had some very nice kids out of her both bucks, does and wethers.  She kids easily and is a great milker with great mothering ability.   She is in great shape, doing well on pasture and has several good years left as a brood doe.
There is a picture of her as show doeling on the brood doe page.


On Pasture since late April


WGA Mila and WGA Sweet'n Sassy

SOLD - WGA Mila - #10659634 - DOB 5/13/14.  Sired by Power Plant and a grand daughter of the great, Kickin Brass, Mila is a doe that is hard to sell.   Historically she has kidded with twins and triplets and produced very nice does and bucks.  Her wether this year is being shown in Warren County and her doeling is in Andrew's show string.  Her kids have a great top line with a very wide loin and great rack shape.
SOLD - WGA Sweet'n Sassy - #10712188 - DOB 2/22/16.  Sassy is a smaller framed doe that really throws that wether type look so prevalent in today's junior shows.  Take a look at the picture of her sire, WGA Colorado, on our buck page to see where she gets the look.  


Wylde Green Acres Emerald


WGA High Heels

Wylde Green Acres Emerald - #10535954.  DOB 2/15/11.  Although she is getting up there in age, Emerald doesn't seem to be slowing down.  In her eighth year, she has been ultra sounded carrying multiple kids after just having had another set of triplets in early February.  She was a our first multiple points show doe and amassed 50 points in a couple years of showing in her earlier years.  Emerald is a tough one to let go.
WGA High Heels - DOB 5/19/17.  Her dam, PTFM Ruby Slippers, is a solid red doe that crossed over nicely with High-Roller and produced a very, very dark bown headed goat with High Heels.  We decided to breed High Heels last fall to KCEP Free Agent and it was a great decision.  As a first timer, she produced a nice set of quads.  We were able to graft one kid onto another doe, and she raised triplets on her own.   This young doe has a lot of years left and based on her first kidding will be a tremendous producer for her next owner.


Open Does for Sale
Part of our down sizing includes having several open does available and usable this fall for breeding to the buck of your choice.  Ages will range from one to six years.  Price ranges from $300 to $1,200.


WGA Bonita - 3rd in Class 2018 Iowa State Fair 3 to 6 FB


WGA Sanibel - 5th in Class 2018 Iowa State Fair 3 to 6 FB

WGA Bonita - #10780392 - DOB 3/14/18. 
WGA Sanibel - # 10780403 - DOB 3/16/18. 
Bonita and Sanibel  are two more very nice does from our High-Roller x SAKB Silver flush in March 2018. 
Bonita is a big framed doe that needs to not only be shown some more but needs to have kids!  She is a carbon copy to WGA Written in the Stars, a beautiful doe now owned by the Beckman Family that was overall reserve champion full blood last November at the Pana, IL show.
Sanibel was only shown once last year at the Iowa State Fair.  She stood second in her FFA class and 5th in the very deep open show.  Unfortunately, Sanibel has a broken horn so can't be shown; however she will make a great brood doe with a great set of genetics.


WGA Sanibel


WGA Sanibel and ERWIN Queen of Diamonds

WGA Sanibel - #DOB 3/16/18.  Sanibel  is one of several very nice does from our High-Roller x SAKB Silver flush in March 2018.  Sanibel was only shown once last year at the Iowa State Fair.  She stood second in her FFA class and 5th in the very deep open show.  Unfortunately, Sanibel has a broken horn so can't be shown; however she will make a great brood doe with a great set of genetics.
ERWIN Queen of Diamonds - #10675633 - DOB 12/4/14.  If you are looking for some of Erwin's best genetics Diamond fits the bill.  She is a Better Bring Your Game daughter that goes back to Go Dog Go on the dam side. 


Doelings for Sale

WGA 376


Pics taken early May

We have several Norman daughters for sale.  376 is an example of the quality Norman produced for us this past winter, spring and summer.  We will update with additional pictures of other does in the near future.


SOLD - WGA High Stakes

As a Boer Buck should look!


Massive Front and Excellent Hip Shape

WGA High Stakes  Reg. #             DOB: 3/14/2018
High Stakes is a carbon copy of his sire, BMF BMACK High-Roller.  This massive March born buck looks like an ABGA goat should look.  Wide horn set, huge forearm, level topped and wide across his back and down through his leg.  He is big boned and very sound on his feet.   High Stakes is another example of the quality kids produced from our BMF BMACK High-Roller x SAKB Silver flush. 
High Stakes has earned ABGA show points already and was named the 2018 Iowa State Fair FFA Reserve Grand Champion Breeding Buck.
The only reason we have decided to offer him for sale is due to the large number of High-Roller sired does we have retained the last two years. 
Please let us know if you are interested, and I can send you video. 

We use this page to list our Boer Goats For Sale.
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We will accept Cash, Personal Checks with Verified funds, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and Bank Transfers via PAYPAL.

Wylde Green Acres

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