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Boer Goat Stud Bucks


aka Rocky in August 2019


Pedigree #10812231

We have decided after three years of use and the majority of our does being Rocky daughters, it is time to sell him.  Visit the Goats for Sale page to see current pictures of Rocky.


Spring 2020 Running with the Does


Winter 2021 Hanging with a few of his sons

Introducing our latest stud buck, JJ Boer Goats Born To Be Wild (aka Rocky).  We purchased this buck with 5R Farms, The Reynolds Family, in Earlham, IA.  Thank you to John Stolz for allowing us to purchase this terrific young buck in August 2019.  Since John lives in Colorado, we call this buck Rocky for short!
Rocky's pedigree brings a phenomenal set of genetics that we haven't really accessed over the years.  He is extremely wide topped with great rack and leg shape.  All traits that we think will cross over on our more traditional High-Roller does that are long and big fronted. 
Rocky is available for limited outside breeding and semen is available through Hawkeye Breeders Service.

Stud Fees: $500/doe $400/doe if 2 or more does.
Semen: $100/straw. Shipping Costs responsibility of buyer.  


3DLT Stormin' Norman

Photo by Peter Decious
Photo by Peter Decious

We purchased Norman from the Decious Family in June of 2018 as a means to inject some of the Absolute/Grey Goose genetics into our doe base.  Norman did not disappoint!!  He produces that upfronted style and lots of hair that seems to be so important in the junior shows these days.
He sired a great group of does last winter.  He then rebred four does in February the week I weaned off their kids, which resulted in a few more very nice July born does.  Then he turned around and bred a large group of does that will kid this fall. 
With so many doelings in the keeper pen and more on the way, we decided to go ahead and sell Norman last month.  He is at his new home in NW Iowa running with a new set of does.
His positive impact on our doe base will be a positive for years to come.

BMACK BMF High-Roller #10663382

High-Roller Grand Champion Buck TCMWGA Show #1, Show #2 and JABGA Regional


High-Roller in the breeding pasture.

Introducing our new herd sire, BMACK BMF High-Roller.  We were lucky enough in June 2016 following ABGA Nationals to acquire this outstanding buck from B-Mack Farms.  B-Mack Farms showed High Roller at Nationals in 2015 and 2016.  He stood 2nd in the 6 to 9 month class in 2015 and 3rd in class in 2016.
High Roller is sired by 2013 National Champion BMACK GUM-Bo and traces back to RRD Cannon and HC FIX IT IN A FLASH.  High Roller will give program a huge boost forward with his tremendous length, massive bone structure and huge top. 
We are expecting our first set of kids out High Roller in December 2016.
Please call for information on stud services and semen availability.


TVVF Oustanding Style #10695458

6 months old


Outstanding Genetic Lines

TVVF Outstanding Style (aka Forrest) is a buck we purchased from Tyler Van Voorst in September 2015 to add some powerful genetics to our program.  This buck is double bred AABG NBD REANN that also goes back to Cat in the Hate on the dam sided and Backdraft on the top side. 
In limited use in 2015 and more use in 2016, we are very impressed with the thickness and bone that Forrest has thrown so far.  Look for his kids in the show ring in 2017.


LSS11 SMFF ONE EYED JACK #10639170 (Deceased)

2014 Tall Corn Meat Goat Association


2015 ABGA National Show

We purchased half interest in LSS11 SMFF One Eyed Jack from Smith Family Farms in 2015. Jack had really caught our eye throughout the 2014 show season.
We feel he possesses the look and genetics that will work well with our set of does.   We will keep you updated as our first set of Jack kids arrive this fall.
Although Jack left us too soon, we were fortunate enough to retain five very impressive does out of Jack from the 2015/2016 kidding season.  We will be breeding these does to High-Roller in 2016 and 2017.


BDK2 AABG Mega Millions

2014 Knoxville FFA Show


2014 JABGA National Show

Mega is sired by Maximum Impact and goes back to TH Somebody and AABG Kickin Brass on the bottom side.  We have several outstanding daughters out of Mega.  The set of does will be having their first kids in late 2016 and early 2017.
Mega Millions is now owned by Jamie Modene in Hartland, MN.


WGAR WGA Colorado

Great Rib Shape and Length


A Hog with Horns!

We feel we have found a buck in our home raised, WGAR WGA Colorado, that truly has the potential to produce kids that can compete in ABGA shows and in the wether arena.  Several of Colorado's siblings that were wethered did very well in County shows in 2015.  Colorado has that wether style look over his top and down through his rump.  He is a full blood with a tremendous rack and hip.  He is also show correct with clean teats, good mouth, and 100% pigment.  We are breeding several does to Colorado this fall and look forward to his first set of kids.


Wylde Green Acres Comet ENNOBLED

Boer Goat Buck
Born: 11/30/10
Sire: JBI Nova
Dam: JBI Sweet Caroline

We are very excited to announce that Wylde Green Acres Comet is now ennobled!  Comet received his ennoblement based on the outstanding success of his first two kids crops all by natural breeding.
Comet was Jr. Champion and Res Overall Champion during Show 1 at the 2011 Never Boering Show.  Comet has won 4 Division Champion or Reserve Championships and 2 Res Overall Championships throughout his short show career.
Comet has been the sire of Allison's back to back FFA Grand Champion Breeding does.  In 2012, Wylde Green Acres Jingle and in 2013, Wylde Green Acres Waimea, were named the FFA Grand Champion Breeding Does.  Comet also produced the Grand Champion FFA Buck at the 2012 IA State Fair FFA Show.  Comet also produced several outstanding wethers.  Two of his 2013 wethers were multi-Champions.  He sired the Grand and Reserve wethers at the Corydon Spring Fling  and Boernanza.  He also sired the Champion wether at the Polk County Fair in 2013.
In the picture below, Wylde Green Acres Comet is on the right and his sire, JBI Nova is on the left.  Comet is an impressive buck combining tremendous length, muscling, and structural correctness in a package that is evident in his progeny.  
This year, we had another tremendous set of show does produced by Comet, which have achieved success in the show ring already in 2014.  Look for a limited offering of a few of these does later in the year. 
Comet has been sold to the Beck and Sash Families of Iowa.  Thank you for purchasing Comet!


Wylde Green Acres

Rob, Molly, Allison and Andrew Vincent
3077 NW 126th Ave
Polk City, IA 50226


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